Stepoc Foundation Blocks - the real alternative to shuttered concrete

What are they and how are they used?

We now stock Stepoc blocks, they combine the ease of blockwork construction with the versatility of in-situ concrete, they are built dry without mortar joints, the blocks are laid to a running bond, using a combination of half or third and full length hollow blocks, all weigh less than 20kg. Data sheets are provided to show the construction of ends, corners and other details. No shuttering or formwork is required. 

Stepoc’s unique design enables horizontal reinforcement to be placed adjacent to either block face or both block faces if required for maximum strength. Structural concrete of not less than 35N/mm2 is then poured down through the inter connected cavities in the blocks. The concrete creates a waterfall effect which ensures a smooth filling of the poured concrete, forcing out air, eliminating segregation, to create walls which have immense compressive and lateral strength.

Where would you use Stepoc?  

Any applications that require higher compressive or lateral loads than those achievable with standard masonry or where shuttered concrete would be used: Basement walls, Retaining walls, Sheer wall, Swimming pools, Lift shafts, Laterally-loaded panels, Platform edges, Bund walls, Blast panels, Radius walls.

The advantages of using Stepoc for basements:

• Stepoc 325 block thickness allows cavity walls to be built directly off the top.

• The cost of construction is known once the dig out is completed.

• No shuttering or formwork for in situ concrete walls is required as the purpose designed interlocking blocks are laid dry to form walls.

• Stepoc enables the fast construction of single skin retaining walls up to 3.8 metres high, a simple and quick build process that saves time on site .

Stepoc system sizes & compressive strengths

There are three widths 200mm, 256mm and 325mm, we keep all three systems in stock. The characteristic compressive strength (fr) of the 200mm system is 14N/mm2, the 256mm and 325mm system achieves 18N/mm2.

Technical assistance

Specific data sheets are available to illustrate the construction of ends, corners and other details. The Stepoc system is resistant to frost damage and the freeze-thaw conditions that are likely to occur below DPC, they are resistant to sulphate ground conditions and achieve a minimum fire resistance of 2 hours.

For more information on Stepoc call 020 8963 7530 or send your enquiry to



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