Block & Beam

A concrete suspended flooring system fulfils the requirements of local authorities and NHBC to provide a ground floor free of the inherent problems of subsidence and heave, where poor ground conditions are present.

Let us have your foundation or floor plans and we will provide you with a detailed quotation for beams and the appropriate blocks.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Ideal for construction in adverse weather conditions
  • Fireproof, draught-proof, eliminates rot
  • Suitable for all floor finishes
  • No backfill required - eliminates risk of chemical reaction
  • Eliminates the effect of ground heave
  • Increased thermal insulation
  • Forms an immediate working surface
  • Infill blocks for use with Floor beams in Ground Floor application
  • The selection of blocks available varies in density between 480 kg/m3 and 2000 kg/m3
  • The most commonly used blocks are the Dense concrete ( 1850-2000 kg/m3) and Medium Dense Blocks (1450-1650 kg/mm3)
  • Aerated concrete blocks (480-680 kg/mm3) can also be used Standard block size 440x215x100mm 7.3N

We can provide you with a load span table, or, alternatively, let us know the UDSL in kilonewtons on clear spans to help you select the correct concrete lintel.

For more information on Block & Beam call 020 8963 7530 or send your enquiry to



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